Cultural Inglesa
Cultural Inglesa

Teachers interested in following our course contents will find here all the information concerning coursebooks and materials for the different levels. Further details are available from Area Coordinators.

Our Courses

Class Coursebook
First Contact English Adventure Starter A (Longman; Units 1-8) 
Prep English Adventure Starter B (Longman; Units 1-8) 
1º Kids Fairyland 3 (Express Publishing; Units 1-8)
2º Kids (1)

Fairyland 3 (Express Publishing; Units 9-12)

Fairyland 5 Primary 3º Cycle (It's Nice to be Back; Units 1-3) 
3º Kids
Fairyland 4 (Express Publishing; Units 5-11)
4º Kids (2) Fairyland 4 (Unit 12)
Activate A2 (Longman; Units 1-5)
(1) Cambridge ESOL Starters
(2) Cambridge ESOL Movers
Class Coursebook
1º Adol Up Beat Starter (Longman; Units 1-8)
2º Adol  Up Beat Starter (Longman; Units 9-12)
Activate A2 (Longman; Units 1-5)
3º Adol Activate A2 (Longman; Units 5-12)
4º Adol Up Beat Pre-Intermediate (Longman; Units 1-8, 10, 12)
5º Adol (1) Activate B1 (Longman; Units 1-12)
Pre-First Certificate New English File Upper-Intermediate  (OUP; Units 1-6)
(1) Cambridge ESOL PET (Preliminary English Test)

Class Coursebook
1 Año Adultos Language Leader Elementary (Longman; Units 1-6)
2 Año Adultos (1)  Language Leader Elementary (Longman; Units 7-12)
Reader: New Yorkers 
3 Año Adultos

English File Pre-Intermediate (OUP Third Edition; Units 1-10)

4 Año Adultos (2) New English File Intermediate (OUP; Units 1-6)
5 Año Adultos New English File Upper Intermediate (OUP; Units 1-6)
FCE Adultos (3)   Revised FCE Result by Paul A. Davis & Tim Falla - Student's Book OUP
Revised FCE Result Workbook with Keys OUP 
Reader: "This Rough Magic" by Mary Stewart (Oxford Bookworms nº 5) 

(1) Cambridge ESOL Key English Test (KET)
(2) Cambridge ESOL Preliminary English Test (PET)
(3) Cambridge ESOL First Certificate in English (FCE



Past exam papers available on paper and CD from Area Coordinators on request.

Exam Classes


FCE - First Certificate in English 

Revised FCE Result by Paul A. Davis & Tim Falla - Student's Book OUP
Revised FCE Result - Workbook with Keys OUP
Reader: "This Rough Magic" by Mary Stewart (Oxford Bookworms nº5) 

CAE - Certificate in Advanced English 

Cambridge English Objective Advanced by Felicity O'Dell & Annie Broadhead - Student's Book without Keys - CUP (3º Edition)
Cambridge English Objective Advanced - Workbook with Keys - CUP 

CPE - Certificate of Proficiency in English 

Cambridge English Proficiency Masterclass by Gude, Duckwood and Rogers - Student's Book with Online Skills and Language Practice - OUP
Cambridge English Proficiency Masterclass - Wrokbook with Keys - OUP


ESP Classes
Class Coursebook
BEC Vantage Business Benchmark Upper Intermediate (CUP)
BEC Higher Business Benchmark Advanced (CUP)
ILEC International Legal English (CUP)


Extension Courses
Class Coursebook
Post-FCE  Advanced Outcomes by Hugh Dellar & Andrew Walkley - Student's Book with Online Skills and Language Practice - OUP
Advanced Outcomes - Workbook with Keys - Heinle Cengage Learning

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